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Technology-obsessed travel lovers on a mission.
As technology geeks and vacation homeowners with a passion for good travel experiences, we thought: shouldn't renting out a vacation home be less stressful? In our experience, it was always something. Calendars that don't sync up. Delayed payments. Misplaced keys. Inquiries that go unanswered. Lackluster marketing. Cleaning that leaves a lot to be desired. And to top it off, the whole process was so expensive, sometimes we wondered if it was even worth it.
— So we set out on a little mission: to change the industry.
With Rentl, exorbitant fees and management hassles are a thing of the past.
Our real-time intelligent data tools combined with caring and passionate rental experts make renting a vacation home seamless.

Backed by prominent silicon valley investors, we're a company full of talent from some of the most dynamic companies in the real estate technology universe. Together, we're working to put the leverage back in the hands of vacation homeowners, making possible for them to actually enjoy their home, whether they're staying there or someone else is.
Scott Drexel

"Places don't make travel- people do. The most mundane flyspeck on the map can be exhilarating, and the most exotic natural landscape or bustling metropolis can be the loneliest place on earth. Who you travel with, and the people you meet along the way make all the difference. The important thing to remember is this: life is short, and the world is big. Experience both with people you love."
Jose A. Eguizabal

"Our family is smitten with the Cilento region in Italy: pristine beaches with crystalline water, gorgeous, historical architecture, spectacular mountain scenery, and of course - amazing food and wine. No other place packs it all together in the same way."
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